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We are a known organization involved in supplying varied kinds of Reverse Osmosis Plant for commercial, industrial and domestic purpose based on customer needs. Reverse Osmosis is popular for hyper filtration which it helps to purify water by removal of ions, salts and impurities and also able of eliminating bacteria, viruses and eradicates excess of heavy metals like magnesium, lead, arsenic and copper present in the water which can be contaminated to consume. Procuring correct spares and mainataining right inventory are two key parts of any plant management. Inadequate inventory plan and eagerness to reduce the inventory often leads to downtime of equipment for want of spares and vice versa.

Chemical and Water Services and Solutions is formed to exclusively cater to the spares and service requirement of the customer. We help you identify the correct parts and procurement of genuine parts at the correct time. We supply genuine spares and consum ables for following plants

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